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Dynamic Creativity at its core, 

newton.ddc is a data driven digital consulgency 

for the post-digital era. 

We believe that the future of digital communications is reaching masses with highly personalized content in the right context. 

To deliver this, we are specialized in Dynamic Creativity

As Dynamic Creativity requires dynamism,  we broke down silos and brought diverse expertise  under one lean structure. 

Thanks to our unique blend, integrated approach and agile workflows, we analyze like a consultancy and create like an agency to deliver effective dynamic campaigns for forward-looking marketers. 

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Client: Coca-Cola Turkey

Partner Agency: Carat

Proud Winner of :

2 Felis Awards, 2 Mentions

7 MMA Smarties Awards (Including The Best In Show and 2 Golds and 1 Silver in EMEA region)

2 MarTech Awards

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Simply put, Dynamic Creativity is creating personalized ads at mass-scale without the extra cost.


It works by automatically adapting the elements of the creatives (visuals, texts, CTAs etc) specifically to each user, ensuring that each user is exposed to the most relevant and effective creative for him or her.  The data that is used to create and adapt creatives could be the weather, time of day, user’s browsing behaviour, segment definitions, events, fluctuations in the stock market, etc.

With Dynamic Creativity you can: 


Eliminate wastage, by precisely delivering the relevant message, to the right consumer at the right time without friction. 

Reach higher engagement and acquisition with lower delivery times and production costs, by using the state-of-the-art DCO technologies.


Use a variety of campaigns suited to your needs, such as:  

- Location based campaigns 

​- Contextual campaigns 

- Feed-based product campaigns

- Sequential Storytelling 

- Behavioural Prospecting

- Journey-based Campaigns


Core Team

We are a lean and agile cross-disciplinary collective with experience across a broad range of categories including FMCG, Finance, QSR, Technology, Automative, Fashion, Retail and Telecommunications. 


A. Lize Karaboğa

Team Captain 

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İsmail Seval 

Creative Strategy and Insights

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Cem Kaptan

Creative Production

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Enis Eminoğlu

Media and Communications Strategy

Ozan Demirci

Growth Management

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From selecting the right platform to reporting, we can deliver on all stages of a dynamic campaign. 

Frequently Asked Questions



You don't have to have a DMP, but we can certainly help you build your own data platforms.

We don't sell technology. We create on DCO platforms such as Google Studio, Celtra, Sizmek and AdForm. We can seamlessly adapt to the platform of your choice. 


We do not just create the assets and leave. We design for the whole loop.

We assist you, your agencies and tech partners all throughout the campaign process including implementation, integration and reporting.

Way of Working

We don't have any conflict of interest with your agencies. Thanks to our agency experience, we work with your creative, media agencies and technology providers without any frictions. 


We have a flexible pricing structure that is adjusted according to the KPIs and clients' preferences.


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